Why Notable?

We are currently London's highest reviewed voiceover and voice reel service, and there’s a reason for that. Unlike any other voice reel recording service you come across, you can work with our experienced engineer and director for up to a full day!

Take the time to learn, explore and understand your voice and how you fit in this expanding industry. Learn top techniques and gain insight into how you can kickstart your career and market your voiceover business. All at half the price of bigger Soho studios. Oh... and a free consultation.

Although we are based in London, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects around the world remotely. Please ask us about our remote recording sessions and demos. No matter where you are in the world, we can work with you to make a demo that truly represents you.

Competitive Rates

Not only get the most competitive rates in the industry, but the longest offered studio times for your session! Don’t settle for any less.

Personalised Sessions

Each client is different and you are treated that way. We know that no two sessions are the same. We build reels around what makes you stand out.

Control & Trust

We work tirelessly to make sure you end up with a product that we can all be proud of – with passion, experience and knowledge to help.

Audio Obsessed

A wealth of audio production and directing experience – Using the newest tools, we spare no expense to make sure we always have the cleanest and boldest sound.

Extensive Aftercare

Investing in a voice reel is a big decision. We will be with you after the process to give you expert insight into the industry, How to find and agent and how to correctly market your brand as a voice over artist.

Industry Leading Facilities

Our studio home at the Qube is built by award winning developers Munro acoustics to assure you have the best product you need to Promote your voice. See more about our studio here!

About Us

Creating Sustainable Careers

Working from home as a Voice Over freelancer is becoming more important than ever. Many of our clients have gone on to work as full time Voiceover freelancers. After we record together, we will be with you every step of the way as you build and develop your brand, sharing all of our knowledge and experience with you. Our clients have gone on to land major audiobook deals, global brands and much more! See “Trusted by top agencies” for more success...

State of the Art Studio

We believe that to sound the part, you need to be the part. That’s why our professional recording studios feature industry standard equipment and software. Our studios have been built by leading recording studio providers in the UK and use the best technologies to help make your voice over recording a success. We are currently homed at ‘The Qube’ in West London, Londons leading creative hub for all things audio. Find out more about our studio here.

Trusted by Top Agencies

We have been lucky to work with some of the top V/O professionals in the game. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or a drama school graduate; we tailor our service to suit you. We work and collaborate with many of the biggest voice agencies in London. These include; Just Voices, Damn Good Voices, Lip Service, Another Tongue, deVine Voices, Earache, Squawk, SaySo Voices, Soho Voices, Ad Voice and more! Check out JUST SOME of our recent success stories..

Don't Take Our Word for It

We're proud to have a perfect five star rating on Google, based on over 100 reviews! You can read them all here.


100+ Google Reviews

Blair Sinnott

Nick at notable voices is so supportive & encouraging. I made my showreel with him & a week later, I signed with London Voice boutique! He’s very knowledgable about the industry, agencies, freelance work etc. And the finished product comes out fantastic. Highly recommend.

Luke Barton

This is a fantastic company to start your V.O career with. Nick offers a bespoke service carefully tailored to you, the client, which starts with the first consultation and goes far and beyond the end of the recording session. Nick gave fantastic and insightful advice and guidance, put together a range of scripts that were perfectly suited to me and my voice, spent time working with me to make sure they were as best as they could possibly be, and went the extra mile to give me the best possible start to my V.O journey. Highly recommended if you're an actor looking for a quality voice reel with a proper pro. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Guy McCrea

For me, the best thing about working with Nick is just how friendly and helpful he is. Yes of course, by working with him you will get access to his top quality, expert knowledge and production skill. But even more than that, I am still just so impressed by his 'quality of care' to me. Way after that initial process, he remains in touch once you have made a reel with him. He doesn't forget about you. He clearly cares and always wants to help you succeed.

Janna Fox

Nick is kind, generous, professional and great to work with. He produced exceptional reels for me, putting together the majority of the scripts himself and gets great results in the studio. His aftercare is exemplary; sending over details of agents, useful websites and even helping me set up my own home studio. He shares his knowledge and skills to help other artists achieve which is pretty hard to come by in our industry. Highly recommend.

Will Henry

I was absolutely thrilled with my session with Nick! He creates a relaxed and supportive atmosphere that makes you feel at ease. Not only did I have an absolute blast recording but was so thrilled with the end product. Nick takes the time to make sure you collaborate to find the right scripts and has the knowledge and expertise to create an industry ready reel. The turnaround to receiving the final reel was so fast as well! Really can't recommend Notable Voices enough.

See All Reviews

Clients and Samples

Please feel free to scroll through and take a listen to some of our featured clients of the last few months!

JB Gill

SaySo Voices

CBBC, The X factor, Songs of Praise, Down on the Farm, JLS, ITV, Channel 4

Joanne Thomson

SaySo Voices

The Suffragettes, In Plain Sight, The Victim

Cat Sandion

Another Tongue

Cbeebies, High-5, CiTV

Richard Clifford


The Crown, Much Ado About Nothing, My week with Marilyn, Justice League.

When choosing your reel you can pick from a variety of styles, including: Commercial, Narrative, Audiobook, Documentary, Video Game & Animation, Corporate, E-Learning, Radio Drama, TV Promo & Radio Imaging.

Each reel provides something different, depending on the line of work you are interested in. Each reel you hear has been meticulously planned according to that person’s voice, VO goals and abilities.

If you are unsure about which package works for you and your voice, please drop us a message. or enquire about a customised package here.

Our Packages

Notable voices are excited to offer ALL voice reel clients a 20% off code for Mandy Voices. Please get in touch for more details.


    • £299

Up to 2 hour
recording session

1 completed demo in the following genres:
Radio Drama
Radio Imaging

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    • £499

Up to 4 hour
recording session

2 completed demos in the following genres:
Radio Drama
Radio Imaging

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    • £699

Up to 6 hour
recording session

3 completed demos in the following genres:
Radio Drama
Radio Imaging

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The Big One

    • £799

All day
recording session.

4 completed demos in the following genres:
Radio Drama
Radio Imaging

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    • £349

Up to 2 hour recording session

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    • £399

8 tracks from any genre*

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*Gaming/Animation will cost an additional £50 per package.


All Our Packages Include the Following:

Free Consultation

Before you make any commitments, you’ll get a FREE phone consultation. We’ll discuss your goals in detail and get the opportunity to understand your voice and what makes you sound unique. Then we’ll put together a plan that’s tailored to you.


Scripts are the foundation of a great voice reel. We don’t use the same 100 scripts for every client. We have an incredibly large script library that is updated monthly, so you can assure your demo fits you. If we don’t have a script that you want, then our writers will write one for you! Your reel will be something that no one has heard before.

Expert Coaching

You’ll get expert coaching from an on-hand director with over 10 years’ experience in audio production and performance. – How to work with a microphone – Breathing tips and tricks for a natural sound – Direction on how to get the most out of your voice.

Sound Design & Post-Production

Original music, SFX and sound design from professionally-trained composer and producer. Our first class production using the best equipment will make sure your reel stands out from the rest.

One Week Turnaround

Your reel will be mixed, edited and mastered within 7 days after your recording session. You’ll receive all your files in industry standard .mp3 and .wav format, ready to upload to all platforms.

Post-Recording Advice

It doesn’t end there! What to do next can be daunting, but after our session we will discuss your next steps, and how to get your reel out there. With top tips and agency contacts, you won’t go off alone!

Coaching and Mentoring

At Notable we focus on success. We want to give you all the tools you need to make strides forward in your voice over career. Whether you are at the stage of “I’d love to get into voice over but it’s so overwhelming” Or “I’m not booking jobs, how can I up my game” – we have helped VO artists from all areas push their career forward and find success.

We offer bespoke 1-1 coaching and mentoring remote via Skype/Zoom or in person at our professional studio. Our sessions are wholly focused on YOU. We cover a range of different skills, including:

  • Mic technique
  • Performance confidence
  • Script analysis
  • Vocal range and versatility
  • Casting
  • Voice over production for freelancers
  • Voice over business tools for freelancers
  • Booking your first job
  • Character and gaming workshops
  • Getting to know our voice
  • Intent
  • Breath control
  • Voiceover marketing
  • The voiceover business
  • Voiceover branding

All of our coaching and mentoring sessions run at £50 per hour for a minimum of 1 hour per session. We also offer a discounted rate if you are looking to book several coaching sessions. To find out more, get in touch here.

Get in touch

We are based in West London near Park Royal and Stonebridge park underground stations. Please feel free to drop us a message anytime. If you want to book a free consultation or, just have some VO related questions you would like answered, we are always here to help. Alternatively don’t be shy and give us a call!

(Please bare in mind we are often in studio sessions so it may be easier to email – although we will always call back when possible.)

The Qube, 163-168 Dukes Rd, London W3 0SL

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